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November 23, 2014
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Barbados Two Stage Dialing Policy
Barbados Equal Access and Indirect Access Policy
Barbados Voice over Internet Policy
Barbados Top Level Domain Name Policy


Call Signs
Barbados Interconnection Policy
Barbados Data Communications Provision Policy
Barbados Policy on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Barbados Short Range Devices (SDR’s)
Barbados Unregulated Services Policy
Barbados Use of 802.x¹x²y Devices And Wireless Networking Policy
Barbados VSAT Policy Objectives and Licensing Framework
Family Radio Service Use in Barbados
Radio Controlled Models- Use in Barbados
Spread Spectrum
Use of International Signalling Point Codes
The Use of the Licence- Exempt Frequency Band in Barbados
The Use of Low Power Radio Communication Devices in Barbados
Guide to transmitting Antenna Radiation Emission Safety Rules, Procedures and Regulations
Radio frequency transmitting Antenna Inspection policy
Barbados Use of Satellite Phone Policy
Policy on Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) for Barbados

National Plans
The following Plans are available from the Telecoms Unit for a fee of BDS $10.00.
National Spectrum Management Plan for Barbados
National Numbering Plan for Barbados
The following registers are available for Public Inspection at the Telecoms Unit for a fee of BDS $10.
Citizen Band Register
Video Clubs Register
Satellite TV Antenna Register
Sellers and Dealers Register
Model Licence Register
Land Mobile Radio-Communications Services Register
Ship Station Register
Amateur Radio Register
Spectrum Frequency Register
Cyber Cafe Register
Internet Service Providers Register
Paging Service Providers Register
Aeronautical Register
Point to Point Microwave Register
Customer Equipment Register


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