The Barbados Broadcasting Authority

The newly appointed Board of the Barbados Broadcasting Authority (BBA) held its first meeting with the Broadcast Licensees on the 14 November 2018 in the conference room at Government Headquarters, Bay Street. 

The BBA is chaired by Dr. Allyson Leacock and the Deputy Chair is Mr Reudon Eversley. Other members of the Board include - Ms Janice Jones, Ms Marcia Walthrus, Ms Rosaline Clarke, Ms Wavney Nicholls, Ms Sharon Lynch, Mrs Natalie Abrahams, Mrs Natasha Morgan, Apostle Dr. Stephen Holdford, Mr Chesterfield Cumberbatch and Mr Winston Devonish. The Secretary to the Board is Ms Judith Mapp.

Above, representatives from CBC, Starcom Network, CITA Radio, SLAM, Capital Radio and Mix96 take a photo op with the BBA Board.
Seated in the centre is the Chairperson - Dr Allyson Leacock.

 Broadcasting Act Cap274B


Broadcasting Regulations 2000


Application for a Broadcast Radio/TV Licence

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List of FM (Frequency Modulation) Broadcast Stations in Barbados


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 Updated: 4 Dec 2018


AM Station - Amplitude Modulation

CBC 900 kHz

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Definitions in accordance with the Telecommunications Act Cap282A


"Broadcasting" means the one way transmission of sound images or other programming to the general public on any basis, and whether delivered by radio waves, cable, terrestrial or satellite means or by other electronic delivery.


"Telecommunications" means any form of transmission, emission or reception of signs, text, images, sounds or other intelligence of any nature by guided or unguided electromagnetic, electrochemical or other forms of energy including by wire, radio, optical, electromagnetic spectrum or by way of any other technology, whether as between persons and persons, things and things, or persons and things.

Telecommunications apparatus

"telecommunications apparatus" means any apparatus used for the transmission or reception of telecommunications;


Telecommunications network

"telecommunications network" means any wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic network used to route, switch, or transmit telecommunications;

Telecommunications service

"telecommunications service" means a service that comprises the emitting, transmitting, switching, conveying or receiving of messages within, into or from Barbados by means of a telecommunications network;

Transit service

"transit service" means a service provided to or by any international carrier which facilitates the passing of traffic through telecommunications facilities of licensed carriers where that traffic does not terminate in Barbados;

Radio Stations in Barbados
FM (Frequency Modulation) Broadcast Stations
Frequency (MHz) Call Sign Network affiliation/owner City/town Power (kW) Format
90.1 CITA Christ Is The Answer/Peoples' Cathedral Bishop's Court Hill,                       St Michael 5 Religious
90.7 Barbados Broadcasting Service (BBS) Barbados Broadcasting Station (BBS) Astoria,                 St George 5 Easy listening
91.3 Media Resource Centre Ministry of Education Governmenr Hill   St Michael 5 Schools Broadcast
92.1 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Pine,                     St Michael 5 BBC World News
92.9 Voice of Barbados (VOB) Starcom Network Bridgetown,         St Michael 5 Talk/Sports/Music
94.7 CBC Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation Pine,                   St Michael 5 News/Music
95.3 HOTT 95.3 Starcom Network Bridgetown,           St Michael 3 Under-30/Urban/Reggae Dub
96.9 Mix 96 Mix Media Services Inc Sheraton Mall,   Christ Church 4 Pop/Rock/R&B
97.5 Life 97.5 Starcom Network Bridgetown,         St Michael 4 Religious
98.1 The One Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation The Pine,             St Michael 5 Under-20
99.3 Capital Radio Pulse Radio Amity Lodge,         Christ Church 5 Easy Listening
100.7 QFM Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation The Pine,               St Michael 5 News/Music
101.1 SLAM101 Habmar Investments Haggatt Hall,        St Michael 5 News/Music
102.1 Faith FM102.1 Barbados Broadcasting Station (BBS) Bridgetown,         St Michael 5 Religious
103.3 Y103.3 Habmar Investments Haggatt Hall,          St  Michael 5 News/Music
104.1 Love FM 104 Starcom Network Bridgetown,            St Michael 3 News/Music
104.7 NBG Nothing But God Roebuck Street       St Michael  5 Religious          
105.3 Power Radio Heart Beat Ministries      Belleville               St Michael  5 Religious           (Coming       June 2019)
106.1 Radio GED Barbados Community College Bridgetown,            St Michael 0.5 College Radio
107.3 Globe Drive In Globe Cinemas Ltd Vauxhall,         Christ Church 0.5 Cinema

AM (Amplitude Modulation) Broadcast Station

Frequency (KHz) Call Sign Network affiliation/owner City/town Power (kW) Format
900 CBC Radio Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation The Pine, Saint Michael 20 Music/News

Updated: 4 Dec 2018

Barbados signs Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Agreement with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) at a meeting held at the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Chief Telecommunications Officer of Barbados, Mr Reginald Bourne (left) and the Director of ITU's Telecommunications Development Bureau, Mr Brahima Sanou (right), are congratulated by the Secretary General of the CTU, Ms Bernadette Lewis after the signing of the CIRT Agrreement.

Government Notices

Government Notice - 2019 Licences

The following types of licences are renewable in January 2019 as they will expire on December 31, 2018

Licensees have until January 30, 2019 to renew their licences.

From January 31, 2019 to March 31, 2019 these licences may be renewed but a 25% late payment fee will be payable.

 From April 01, 2019, unpaid licences may be revoked by the Minister responsible for Telecommunications:


1. Sellers and Dealers;
2. Citizen Band Operators;
3. Amateur Radio Operators;
4. Model Equipment Owners;
5. General Radio Communications;
6. Fishing Vessels and all other Ship Stations;
7. Coast Stations;

 Date: 16 November 2018


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