The listed persons and businesses have been registered in accordance with the Telecommunications Video Tape Rental Service Regulations S.I. 2004 No. 4 to offer Video Tapes and Video Disk rentals in accordance with the Telecommunications Act Cap 282B.

All persons offering Video Tape Rental Service must hold a valid Telecommunications Video Tape Rental Service Licence which is available from the Telecommunications Unit on application and payment of an annual licence fee of $600.

Video Shop NameAddressParishExpiry Date
Toys & Things Bridge Gap, Black Rock St. Michael 19-Jul-2005
Total Movies Six Roads St. Philip 14-Sep-2005
DVD Planet Sheration Centre, Sargeants Christ Church 11-Nov-2005
The Titans 179 Opal Court, Lodge Terrace St. Michael 31-Dec-2005
Movie Max II Sunset Crest St. James 01-Feb-2006
M.E. Video Rentals Cnr Martinique Road & My Lords Hill St. Michael 12-May-2006
Blade's DVD Hut Arthur Seat St. Thomas 27-Aug-2006
Home Boy Video Club Ramgate, Bay Street St. Michael 01-Jan-2007
Chubbies Video Carlisle House, Bridgetown St. Michael 03-Jan-2007
Chubbies Video Worthing ChristChurch 03-Jan-2007
Midnight Entertainment #9 Ellerton Park St. George 31-Jan-2007
J.W. Video KewLand , Redmans Village St. Thomas 05-Feb-2007
New Releases Video Prince Alfred Street, Bridgetown St. Michael 03-Mar-2007
Eco Peco's NilesCorner ChristChurch 04-Mar-2007
Newline Entertainment Howard Supermarket, Bush Hall St. Michael 06-Mar-2007
Movies-R-Us #9 Harvest Mart Plaza , Oistins ChristChurch 10-Mar-2007
DVD Central Inc. Quayside Centre ChristChurch 18-Mar-2007
Kran's Entertainment Glebe Vendors Market, Glebe St. George 25-Mar-2007
Movie Zone Church Street, Speightstown St. Peter 29-Mar-2007
Planet Video Queen Street, Speightstown St. Peter 02-Apr-2007
Planet Video Black Rock Complex St. Michael 05-Apr-2007
Movie Planet Wildey Shopping Plaza St. Michael 17-Apr-2007
CS Video GlebeLand St. George 20-Apr-2007
Digital Zone Silver Sands ChristChurch 24-Apr-2007
Digital Vault Mangrove Terrace St. Peter 04-May-2007
Virgo Video Codrington St. Michael 05-May-2007
West Indian Movie Club King Street St. Michael 10-May-2007
Ezee Rentals AberdeenJones Centre, Gall Hill ChristChurch 19-May-2007
Fabline Video Club St. Martins St. Philip 19-May-2007
Vertigo Video Shop St. Martins St. Philip 26-May-2007
BB's Video No.5 Pearsons Complex, Collymore Rock St. Michael 01-Jun-2007
Max Entertainment In one Accord, Warrens St. Michael 01-Jun-2007
Movie House 4th Ave. No. 22 Deacons Court St. Michael 21-Jun-2007
DVD Central Inc. CarltonPlaza , Black Rock St. Michael 28-Jun-2007
Novacom Information Tech 1st Stop Complex, Thorpes St. James 08-Jul-2007
Entertainment R Us #28 Roebuck Street St. Michael 20-Aug-2007
Eco Peco's Back Ivy St. Michael 29-Aug-2007
Marebelene Fairfield Main Rd, Blk Rk St. Michael 30-Aug-2007
C. Knight Video Shop Bridge Gap, Cave Hill St. Michael 05-Oct-2007
Chubbies Video Roebuck Street, B'town St. Michael 01-Nov-2007
DVD Services "Wesley House" Lr. Bay Street St. Michael 10-Nov-2007
The Little Video Shop Free Hill, Black Rock St. Michael 27-Nov-2007
Sunset Inc. Cnr. Spry Street, B'town St. Michael 11-Dec-2007
Movie Plus 3rd Ave, New Orleans St. Michael 16-Dec-2007
Chubbies Video Sunset Crest St. James 01-Jan-2008
Chubbies Video Speightstown, St. Peter St. Peter 01-Jan-2008
Chubbies Video Six Roads St. Philip 02-Jan-2008
Digital Video Diversity Six Roads Market Complex St. Philip 04-Jan-2008
Max Entertainment Stanmore Crescent, Black Rock St. Michael 05-Jan-2008
Max Entertainment Julie'n Supermarket, Haggat Hall St. Michael 08-Jan-2008
Max Entertainment Sheraton Centre ChristChurch 08-Jan-2008
Max Entertainment Southern Plaza, Oistins ChristChurch 12-Jan-2008
Extreme Movie Club Upper Hunte Street , Bridgetown St. Michael 23-Jan-2008
T.M. Rentals Limited YellowBuilding , Worthing Main Road , Worthing ChristChurch 31-Jan-2008
Chubbies Video Super Centre Complex, Warrens St. Michael 01-Feb-2008
Net Shack Ltd 18 Hastings Plaza, Hastings ChristChurch 12-Feb-2008
DVD Central Inc. PalmPlaza , Wildey St. Michael 18-Mar-2008
Choice Minimart & DVD Rental Cr Gunsite Road Brittons Hill St. Michael 27-May-2008

Barbados signs Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Agreement with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) at a meeting held at the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Chief Telecommunications Officer of Barbados, Mr Reginald Bourne (left) and the Director of ITU's Telecommunications Development Bureau, Mr Brahima Sanou (right), are congratulated by the Secretary General of the CTU, Ms Bernadette Lewis after the signing of the CIRT Agrreement.

Government Notices

Government Notice - 2019 Licences

The following types of licences are renewable in January 2019 as they will expire on December 31, 2018

Licensees have until January 30, 2019 to renew their licences.

From January 31, 2019 to March 31, 2019 these licences may be renewed but a 25% late payment fee will be payable.

 From April 01, 2019, unpaid licences may be revoked by the Minister responsible for Telecommunications:


1. Sellers and Dealers;
2. Citizen Band Operators;
3. Amateur Radio Operators;
4. Model Equipment Owners;
5. General Radio Communications;
6. Fishing Vessels and all other Ship Stations;
7. Coast Stations;

 Date: 16 November 2018


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